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Top Ten Things NOT To Do In Your Postal Jeep-


  1. Don't pose as a postal employee to get out of a speeding ticket.
  2. Don't try to hang out at the doughnut shop with the mail carriers. (They'll snub you and stick you with the check.)
  3. Don't enter the local "Tractor Pull Contest".
  4. Don't request valet parking at the "Hilton".
  5. Don't try to join the "Mean Mudders 4-Wheeler Club".
  6. Don't tell the chicks you're the Postal Inspector's nephew.
  7. Don't challenge a Corvette to a drag race.
  8. Don't cut off volkswagons in traffic because you feel superior.
  9. Don't kick up sand at the nude beach.
  10. Don't spin doughnuts in the police chiefs yard.


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