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My Postal Jeep- Summer '98 Update


a.gif (31871 bytes)I got a bargain on the removable luggage rack. $2.00 at the local flea market. I highly recommend a weekly trip to the flea market. You never know what you might not be able to live without. b.gif (32400 bytes)Not much new here. Just another shot of the front. Note the almost expired tags and inspection. I've been busy.

c.gif (25203 bytes)I removed the shroud on the top vent. It didn't noticeably affect the air flow but makes it look better, I think. I also painted the Jeep logo.d.gif (26505 bytes)

g.gif (30998 bytes) h.gif (29352 bytes)Here are the seats I got from a Plymouth mini-van. I had a bracket made for the extra seat at a welding shop for $10.00 and raised the drivers seat 2 1/2". Note the foldup armrests.

k.gif (27927 bytes)You can see the handy pockets on the back of the seat. It's a good place to keep maps and anything else you might want within reach. I painted the dash to match the seats. I also added another interior ceiling light. I found one to match the other one perfectly at a camper supply.

m.gif (27117 bytes)I like the tinted windows. It stays cooler inside and makes people wonder "who's in that thing?"
o.gif (28616 bytes)Not noticeable in any of the photos is the new stereo and speakers or any of the mechanical upgrades. I installed new Gabriel shocks. They still make shocks for DJ's! I completely went through the engine compartment with new points and plugs, plug wires, alternator, voltage regulator, belts, hoses, battery and cables. It's now probably the most dependable vehicle I own. It's certainly my favorite!
e.gif (29698 bytes)Here's another major distraction in my life. My son's four-wheeler. I can't stay off the thing. (When I'm not in my Jeep of course.) My wife says older people have no business on those things. I just tell her,"Yes dear, you better not ride." Thank God my son has an apartment in town and doesn't have a place to keep it. And guess what. He just bought a jet-ski!   "DAMN!...I LOVE THAT BOY!"